How do you want to be greeted when you arrive at the airport?

To illustrate this, we thought we'd show you what happens when you arrive at the airport and are greeted by a CABS DRIVER chauffeur services.

A limo driver is never late. There will be no need for you to wait for him. Your chauffeur will send you an SMS informing you of his exact location in the arrivals hall. When you arrive, he may offer you your preferred beverage.

When you meet your chauffeur, he or she will be dressed in a dark suit and tie and will be holding an electronic name-board, so he will never be difficult to locate. You will not be asked to pay for parking or find change for the parking machine by the chauffeur.

Your chauffeur will transport all of your belongings and pack the trunk for you. When you enter or exit the vehicle, he or she will open and close the doors.

You'll have the option of listening to music or watching a movie, and you'll be given sanitizing hand wipes/gel, bottled water and newspapers.

As you exit the vehicle, your chauffeur will conduct a thorough search of the interior, including beneath the seat and in the trunk, to verify you have not forgotten your phone, glasses, or other personal items.

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