5 Essentials Of An Official Travel Policy

Corporate travel rules should be in place for all firms that have personnel who need to travel. With travel picking up after the COVID-19 outbreak, now is a good moment to assess and, if required, modify your company's travel policy.

It's a vital guideline for businesses, whether it's setting spending limitations, booking hotels and flights, implementing mandatory health and safety precautions, or tracking reimbursements. While enforcing it isn't always fun, it is an efficient approach to establish corporate travel standards. Here are five things your company's travel policy should include:

Flexibility and choices

A large number of employees dislike tight policies and will schedule travel outside of them. To avoid this, your organization should conduct preliminary research and negotiate terms with vendors - a lot of negotiating! If you give your employees a variety of travel, hotel, and cab service options, they'll be more likely to follow the rules.

Cost Categories

Make certain that the spending categories you provide in your company travel policy are explicit. You should include a list of all travel and entertainment-related charges that your firm will cover, such as meals, lodging, booze, client entertainment, and so on. There should be no ambiguity, and it should be crystal obvious what is covered and what isn't so that no mistakes are made in the middle of the trip.


Depending on the region and length of the vacation, dry cleaning, hotel employee gratuities, in-room movies, excessive drinking, and other non-negotiables may be considered a no-no. Anything your company will not cover should be spelled out in the corporate travel policy and reaffirmed on each trip your employees take.

Procedures For Reporting and Reimbursement of Expenses

Make it crystal clear from the beginning how employees will track and report their spending. Outline what backup details the organization requires and compensation choices, such as direct deposit, check, or electronic payment, whether you utilize an online tool (with an accompanying app) or more traditional monitoring approaches.

Concerns About Safety

You need corporate and employee safety procedures in place as much as you trust your personnel to go on their trip and return with a successful meeting. Always have your employee's travel data (flight, hotel & Chauffeur Service ) on hand, know what your hotel's insurance policies are, and ensure that required health and safety procedures are met for each trip site in this day of pandemics, epidemics, and more.

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