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Corporate event transportation is an important aspect of the overall event experience, as event planners know. Transportation either sets the tone for a fantastic event or causes so much stress that not even the most exquisite venue can compensate. Indeed, according to Cabs Driver survey, 80% of attendees at professional events and meetings have negative feelings about them, owing in part to their travel experiences. How can you choose a transportation partner who will ensure that your event is remembered positively? There are four things to think about.

Consider Much More Than Vehicles:

An effective transportation partner requires more than just cars and drivers. It must have the ability to manage and deliver all modes of transportation. While door-to-door service makes a nice first impression, additional services such as airport greeters and luggage assistance give your guests the VIP treatment they deserve. Transportation management for a company Cricket, Football, F 1 or Airshow tournament, for example, should include a daily briefing for supervisors and coordinators, who serve as ambassadors at the event through their interactions with spectators, as they are frequently among the first event workers that spectators meet. Spectators can get help from the crew not just on the course, but also during the tournament.

Expect The Unexpected:

One of the more difficult components of an event is transportation. Inquire about contingency plans for everything from weather to security problems to traffic to special needs or VIP demands, which may need a change in plans. Choose a partner that has a track record of being able to respond to whatever difficulties arise. We encountered unexpected poor weather while dealing with a location management business that arranges many sales-incentive events, which threw many arriving attendees' travel plans off. We placed additional vehicles on site, along with a coordinator, to manage the varying mobility needs of dozens of attendees, to meet a flurry of real-time modifications.

Prioritize Your Safety:

Collaborate with a company that prioritizes the safety of your visitors. Vehicles must be well-maintained, and drivers must be well-trained. Inquire about your partner's safety policies and training program if you don't already have them. Our Coach College training program, which goes above and beyond the RTA's requirements, is part of a multidimensional curriculum that also includes RTA Training, a tried-and-true method of accident prevention that has been used successfully for over 15 years.

Make Preparations Ahead of Time. Information Should Be Shared:

It's enough to simply share the dates, places, and estimated number of expecting visitors. This does not bind you to anything, but it does assist your spouse in identifying difficulties that should be addressed ahead of time. Early planning can help you avoid resource shortages, lock in preferred pricing, and get the best employees and vehicles. Waiting until the end of March to schedule transportation in the UAE during peak season may put a strain on your finances and limit your choices.

That isn't to say that just-in-time transportation planning and delivery are impossible. The transportation partner should be willing to work with you to make this happen. Consider the following scenario: a meeting planner phones on a Friday to arrange transportation for 80 individuals who will arrive the following Monday morning. The planner gets her participants where they need to be on time, in 30 different trips, by being flexible in organizing some group pickups rather than individual pickups and being open to using diverse types of cars.

Because there are so many things that may go wrong at an industry event or a painstakingly planned conference, hiring a company to handle the complicated logistics of ground transportation is crucial. After all, an event with attendees who either don't show up or show up with a bad attitude is doomed from the start. Get the hands-on and consultative assistance you need to create a memorable experience that transports guests in every sense of the word and makes the journey worthwhile.

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