We Provide a Variety of Medical Transport Services

CABS DRIVER provides medical transportation for our clients in addition to corporate transportation, airport transportation, and pleasure transportation throughout the UAE. When a medical emergency strikes and you or someone you love requires immediate transportation to or from a hospital or medical facility, we can help.

Getting Appointments With Doctors And Hospital Discharge

Not everybody has relatives or friends who can be relied on to offer medical transportation when a doctor's appointment is required, and these are events that may be critical to your continued good health. If you want to arrive at your next doctor's visit in elegance and luxury, we can give you with a smooth and comfortable trip, and a professional chauffeur who will get you there on time. When you're being discharged from the hospital after a long stay, you might be in the mood to celebrate with a fashionable and successful return to your home. One of our luxury limos servies can provide the ideal form of transportation to welcome you home and celebrate your release from the hospital.

Outpatient Surgical Policy

You may not be able to drive yourself to and from the medical facility where your surgery or other medical procedure will take place if it is an outpatient treatment. You should not have to worry about being clear enough to focus on having to manage your own transportation on top of dealing with the medical procedure. You may also be drugged or drugged to some extent throughout the process, rendering you physically incapable of operating any type of vehicle. To keep your mind free and prepare for your crucial outpatient surgery, call CABS DRIVER so we can take care of one of the details you don't have to worry about.

Dialysis, endoscopy... Etc

All of these operations require the patient to be sedated during the surgery, which means you won't be able to safely return home. We can arrange transportation for you, so you won't have to endanger your life by driving yourself, and you'll be transported in elegance and comfort as well. While you may be groggy from the medical treatment, our chauffeurs services are always completely aware and prepared to deal with any traffic situation. We are the firm to call for expert transportation when you need to be confident you will arrive home safely.

Physical Therapy, and a trip to the drugstore

People's prescriptions, for example, if they're for their heart or any other body organ, can be extremely dangerous to their health. When your supply of these life-saving medications runs out, you can't wait to get to the pharmacy, and we'll gladly drive you there and back so you can stock up. If you're a patient who needs physical therapy on a regular basis as a result of an accident or another medical condition, each session might be critical to your rehabilitation. When you need chauffeur service to your pharmacy or your next physical therapy appointment, call CABS DRIVER.

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