Terms and Conditions

On the website, www.cabsdriver.com, you may arrange transfers. The Client and the Company sign a contract for the provision of transfer services.


  1. The company promises to offer you with a car of your choice.
  2. Business class ( Lexus ES 350). It has enough room for three people and three pieces of luggage.
  3. Luxury class (Mercedes S Class, BMW 7 Series). It has enough room for three passengers and three items of luggage.
  4. Minivan ( Toyota Previa). It can hold 4-5 passengers as well as 4-5 pieces of luggage.
  5. Van for Business ( Mercedes V-Class). It has enough room for six passengers and six items of luggage.
  6. Minibus (14 seater Toyota Hiace). It can hold 8-10 passengers as well as 8-10 pieces of luggage.
  7. Luxury Minibus ( 35 seater luxury king long bus). It can hold 30-33 passengers as well as 20-25 pieces of luggage.
  8. Luxury Bus (50 seater luxury king long bus). It can hold 45-48 passengers as well as 30-40 pieces of luggage.


2. Delay in Flight


3. Client Responsibilities


4. Changes, No show and Cancellation Policy

In the following circumstances, the Company will charge the Client the full amount:

  1. The Client failed to appear at the scheduled pick-up time and location, where our chauffeur and vehicle were waiting.
  2. In the airport region, total standby time for arrival is up to 90 minutes. However, airport parking is only available for one hour. If you stay longer than one hour, you will be charged extra.
  3. 30 minutes of waiting time for departures (hotel, apartment, mall etc.). Extra costs will apply if the waiting time exceeds the specified amount.
  4. For last-minute cancellations made less than 12 hours before the transfer time, the whole fee will be deducted. Also, if you cancel 12 hours before the transfer time, you will be charged 50%.
  5. Changes to reservations must be made at least 24 hours prior to the transfer time; if changes are made less than 24 hours, fees may apply.



5. Meeting the airport representative/driver

6. Luggage

7. Payment methods and rates

  1. The whole amount of the transfer charge will be reimbursed to the Client card in the case of Force Majeure situations that impede the usage of the Transfer. The declaration in the media or other document certifying the occurrence of force majeure circumstances is evidence of their occurrence. The presence of proof is a legal necessity.
  2. Natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, snow debris, and other natural disasters), public life events (military actions, epidemics, large-scale strikes, revolutions, and so on), and state-imposed restrictions (prohibition of transportation, prohibition of trade due to international sanctions).

If you pay for our services through our website, the information you enter will be sent immediately to our payment provider through a secure connection.

8. Notes of Caution


9. Limitations

Your driver has the authority to refuse this transfer if he or she has broken the law. The company-carrier has the right to seek compensation for any damage to the vehicle that occurs during the journey.

10. Information Supplementary