Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

On the website, www.cabsdriver.com, you may arrange transfers. The Client and the Company sign a contract for the provision of transfer services.


  • The CABS DRIVER will provide chauffeured services to the Client at the rates specified on this website.
  • The company will provide well-dressed, professional chauffeurs who are fluent in English and are familiar with Dubai and the rest of the UAE.
  • All vehicles are approved by the UAE government (RTA) and come with full coverage insurance.
  • Vehicle must be clean and tidy, and the driver must be in company uniform.
  1. The company promises to offer you with a car of your choice.
  2. Business class ( Lexus ES 350). It has enough room for three people and three pieces of luggage.
  3. Luxury class (Mercedes S Class, BMW 7 Series). It has enough room for three passengers and three items of luggage.
  4. Minivan ( Toyota Previa). It can hold 4-5 passengers as well as 4-5 pieces of luggage.
  5. Van for Business ( Mercedes V-Class). It has enough room for six passengers and six items of luggage.
  6. Minibus (14 seater Toyota Hiace). It can hold 8-10 passengers as well as 8-10 pieces of luggage.
  7. Luxury Minibus ( 35 seater luxury king long bus). It can hold 30-33 passengers as well as 20-25 pieces of luggage.
  8. Luxury Bus (50 seater luxury king long bus). It can hold 45-48 passengers as well as 30-40 pieces of luggage.
  • The makes and models of the cars on this website are offered for informational purposes only and are subject to change.
  • For Client Needs, there is a 24-hour hotline available at +971 56 499 82 34.


2. Delay in Flight

  • On arrival, the client's cell phone (as mentioned in the voucher) should be turned on, as the airport representative or the operation/dispatch team may need to contact the client.
  • In the event of a flight delay, the Customer must notify the airport agent or the operation/dispatch team. The majority of airport employees are aware of the modifications because they are responsible for monitoring delays. However, if there is a flight delay, the transfer may be canceled. In this situation, a representative from the airport or the operation/dispatch team will contact the Client to tell them.


3. Client Responsibilities

  • The Client must complete all relevant fields on the online booking form in order to make a reservation. The client must use Latin letters to enter his or her data.
  • The client must fill in or select a location or an airport for pick-up and drop-off.
  • It is vital to select a desirable car kind. The Client should be informed that all children (regardless of age) are considered passengers and require their own seat.
  • The following information is required: address, flight number and contact information. The Client is responsible for entering the right mobile phone number and for being in contact upon arrival.
  • CABS DRIVER sends a Booking Confirmation Letter to the Client's Email address in order to confirm the booking.
  •  All travel data must be accurate, and the Customer is responsible for this. The Client is responsible for double-checking and ensuring that all information provided is accurate and comprehensive.. No payments will be reimbursed to the Client if the transfer fails owing to erroneous data on the voucher (e.g., contact information, pickup time and location, child seat or child booster). In addition, the Client must confirm that the local time in the transfer country is entered.
  • The Client shall notify the operation/dispatch staff on the 24-hour hotline number +971 56 499 82 34 in the event of an emergency with the bookings..


4. Changes, No show and Cancellation Policy

  • All orders must be cancelled at least 24 hours before the scheduled start of the transfer. If there are fewer than 24 hours left and you have not registered on the website, you should contact the CABS DRIVER operation/dispatch staff (cellphone number +971 56 499 82 34) or send an email with your booking details to support@cabsdriver.com (booking number and the reason for cancellation).
  • Any adjustments (such as transfer date and time, destination, etc.) must be made at least 24 hours prior to the start of the transfer. To make a change to a booking, the Client should telephone the CABS DRIVER operation/dispatch staff (cell number +971 56 499 82 34) or send an email to support@cabsdriver.com with the booking details and any changes.
  • The Client is responsible for notifying the operation/dispatch team of the modifications (changes in time or place, delayed flight, custom delay, etc.)

In the following circumstances, the Company will charge the Client the full amount:

  1. The Client failed to appear at the scheduled pick-up time and location, where our chauffeur and vehicle were waiting.
  2. In the airport region, total standby time for arrival is up to 90 minutes. However, airport parking is only available for one hour. If you stay longer than one hour, you will be charged extra.
  3. 30 minutes of waiting time for departures (hotel, apartment, mall etc.). Extra costs will apply if the waiting time exceeds the specified amount.
  4. For last-minute cancellations made less than 12 hours before the transfer time, the whole fee will be deducted. Also, if you cancel 12 hours before the transfer time, you will be charged 50%.
  5. Changes to reservations must be made at least 24 hours prior to the transfer time; if changes are made less than 24 hours, fees may apply.



5. Meeting the airport representative/driver

  • At the time mentioned in the booking, the airport representative/driver must meet the Client at the pick-up site. Client's name will be written on a board held by the airport representative.
  • For 90 minutes, the airport representative/driver will be waiting for Client. If the Client and the airport representative/driver do not meet within this time frame, the order will be considered a no show. The Client will be charged the entire amount.
  • Prior to departure, the operation/dispatch team may wish to contact the Client through cell phone to clarify any vital information.
  • If the operation/dispatch team is unable to pick up the Client on time for any reason, the operation/dispatch team will notify the Client in advance.
  • The Client must be at the meeting point at the time mentioned in the booking to meet the airport representative/driver.
  • The operation/dispatch team's or airport representative's contact information will be emailed to you along with your booking confirmation. Any urgent modifications (pick-up/drop-off time and location, flight delays, etc.) must be reported to the operation/dispatch team.

6. Luggage

  • The number of pieces of luggage allowed is determined by the capacity of the chosen class. It is the Client's responsibility to notify the operation/dispatch team if there is extra luggage.
  • Our transportation services imply that each client is permitted to bring one standard piece of luggage (maximum 32 kg + handbag).
  • It is the Client's responsibility to notify the operation/dispatch team in advance if he or she has extra-large items by emailing support@cabsdriver.com.

7. Payment methods and rates

  • The price of a transfer shown on our website is determined by the class selected and the distance between the departure and destination points. The cost is the same regardless of where you live within the city borders.
  • We accept online payments in AED using Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards (or any other agreed currency).
  • If the Client cancels the booking no later than 24 hours before the scheduled start time, the Company will refund the monies paid by the Client within 7 (seven) days of the termination of the Agreement's obligations. The servicing bank's policies and efficiency determine how much money is transferred to the cardholder's account.
  • The half of the transfer price will not be reimbursed to the Client's card if the booking is cancelled by the Client less than 12 hours before the transfer begins.
  • If the Client cancels the booking less than 12 hours before the transfer, the full amount of the transfer cost will not be refunded to the Client's card.
  1. The whole amount of the transfer charge will be reimbursed to the Client card in the case of Force Majeure situations that impede the usage of the Transfer. The declaration in the media or other document certifying the occurrence of force majeure circumstances is evidence of their occurrence. The presence of proof is a legal necessity.
  2. Natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, snow debris, and other natural disasters), public life events (military actions, epidemics, large-scale strikes, revolutions, and so on), and state-imposed restrictions (prohibition of transportation, prohibition of trade due to international sanctions).
  3. If you pay for our services through our website, the information you enter will be sent immediately to our payment provider through a secure connection.
  4. A copy of transaction records, as well as Merchant policies and guidelines, must be kept by the cardholder.
  5. Several transactions on the cardholder's monthly statement may result in multiple postings.
  6. It can take up to 5-7 business days for a refund to be processed. It is dependent on the servicing bank's policies and efficiency. All refunds will be processed solely through the original payment method.

8. Notes of Caution

  • Our country of residence is the United Arab Emirates.
  • Any dispute or claim arising out of or related to this website will be governed by and construed in accordance with UAE law.
  • From the 1st of January 2018, a 5% government tax will be applied only to chauffeur services, and it will be added to the invoices.
  • We only accept cash payments in US Dollars, British Pounds, or any GCC currency.
  • Within Dubai, a whole day counts as a maximum of 10 hours (350kms). Outside of Dubai, a full day is limited to 12 hours (500 kilometers) and a half day is limited to 5 hours.
  • We shall be required to adjust the pricing if the UAE government increases the prices for SALIK and Petrol, or imposes any extra costs, with a 30-day notice to the Client.
  • For the above-mentioned tariffs and restrictions, this Contract is valid without the Company's and Client's signatures and stamps.


9. Limitations

  • Minors under the age of 18 are not permitted to register as users of this website, nor are they permitted to transact or use it.
  • In line with UAE law, www.cabsdriver.com will not engage with or supply any services or products to any OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) sanctioned countries.
  • In the car, smoking and drinking are forbidden. In the event of a violation, the driver has the right to pull over and ask the client to exit the vehicle.
  • The vehicle's seating capacity cannot be exceeded by the number of passengers. Extra passengers are not permitted to travel with you. The driver has the option to deny service in this situation. If this is the case, the transfer charge will not be refunded in its entirety to the Client's credit card.
  • Legislation governs the transportation of animals. Any animal should be carried in a portable carrier with medical certifications and other documentation required by the laws of the nation being visited.

Your driver has the authority to refuse this transfer if he or she has broken the law. The company-carrier has the right to seek compensation for any damage to the vehicle that occurs during the journey.

10. Information Supplementary

  • All reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the trip.
  • If you reserve a bus with more than 15 seats, you will be charged an additional cost for valet parking.
  • Any additional services (refreshments, cool box, etc.) must be ordered before to booking at an additional cost.
  • One child seat and one child booster are included in our price and will be given upon request. The Client will be charged an additional price if more than one child seat or kid booster is necessary.